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Strawberry Honey Chamomile Smoothie

Strawberry Honey Chamomile Smoothie

No power outages or freak fog this week, so nothing got in the way of shooting the blog post this time! Plus, the sun even came out for two days in a row. I think Spokane may have been apologizing. Spokane: throw in some blooming cherry blossom trees and I will forgive you. Deal?

I'm having a minor life freak out because I just realized that I have one month left of regular classes, and then finals week, and then I GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE. How did that happen?!


This semester has flown by. And at the same time, it has dragged. I'm unprepared for the fact that my graduation is in a month-ish, and for the fact that (wow) it's already April, because Spokane is lagging this year. It was the wettest, snowiest, yuckiest winter in years, and now the river is flooding its banks from the snow melt and the rain, and the cherry blossom trees haven't even started blooming yet. It feels like mid-March still, so imagine my surprise when I got an email that I needed to record my name for proper pronunciation at graduation, and I looked at my calendar and realized that real life is right around the corner.

I've got to find a job. Yikes. I've got to finish my senior project. Yikes. I have to move everything out of my apartment and either sell it or donate it or shove it into Artemis (my car, not the Greek goddess). Yikes. I have to find a dress and shoes to graduate in. Yikes. Just yikes all around.

I'm a perfectionist, and I tend to get in my head and worry when I don't have a clear plan of where I'm going and what I'm doing. This great unknown period that I'm moving into--LIFE--is weighing pretty heavily on my consciousness. So what do I do when everything gets to be too much and things are getting real serious, real scary, real overwhelming, real fast?

Well, usually I call my mom and cry. Let's be honest, we've probably all done that, and it really does help (thanks, Mom!).

But after that's done, I give myself a break. We as humans can only do so much, and for perfectionisty overachievers, that's a hard thing to hear. Especially since society tends to push forward this idea that we have to be perfect, that we have to always be on, and that we have to keep striving towards that elusive thing called "progress." But the reality is, there's only so much we can do, see, take, and handle in any given day or week or hour, and when we've surpassed our own personal limit, we've got to take a moment to recharge. 

So today, I'm taking a step back and mixing in some recharge-time. This afternoon I'm going to plant a little windowsill potted garden from seed. I'm thinking basil (duh), parsley, oregano, and chives for my herbs. And then I've got some red "Empress of India" nasturtium, and some purpley-blue alyssum, just to add a pop of color. I'll spend a bit of time on my senior project (26 pages down, a minimum of 24 pages to go! Oh, the glorious life of a writing major). And then my friend Caroline and I are going to go to The Flying Goat for dinner, to finally taste the famous Flying Goat pizza I've heard so much about.

Maybe you don't have an afternoon and evening to dedicate to recharging, though. Believe me, I've been there. I was there Wednesday. And Tuesday. And Monday. Need I go on? So instead, take a mere five minutes and recharge with my refreshing Strawberry Honey Chamomile Smoothie.

This smoothie is not meant to be a meal. I mean, it's basically strawberries and chamomile ice cubes, so there's not really anything substantial and sustaining in there. Instead, it would be a lovely morning, afternoon, or even evening snack. Or, it could serve as a slushier-than-juice drink with your breakfast. 

The Strawberry Honey Chamomile Smoothie is calming, fresh, and pleasantly sweet. It's mellow in flavor, as the chamomile transforms the strawberries from in-your-face flavor to gently-and-politely-tugging-on-your-sleeve flavor. The presence of strawberries turns the smoothie a pretty pastel pink, perfect for springtime sipping. And the chamomile ice lends that naturally soothing, relaxing element that only chamomile can provide.

Take just a moment to recharge with this simple smoothie. Maybe get a little festive with it and drink it out of a mason jar with a pretty paper straw, like Heather and I did. Or maybe drink it straight out of the blender--you'll get no judgement from me! Just take care of yourself and realize that what you do is enough, that you are enough. 

xoxo Alexa


Strawberry Honey Chamomile Smoothie

Makes: 2 (16oz.) smoothies

Takes: 5 minutes (plus freeze ice cubes overnight)

The Characters:

  • 1 chamomile tea bag
  • Water
  • 9 strawberries
  • 10-15 chamomile ice cubes
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 Tbsp. natural honey

The Saga:

  1. **The night before: boil some water and steep 1 mug of chamomile tea. Let steep for 5 minutes or longer, until chamomile flavor is strong. Pour tea into an ice cube tray, and place in freezer overnight.**
  2. Wash strawberries and cut off the leafy green tops.
  3. Put strawberries into blender. Start with 10 chamomile ice cubes, and put them in the blender on top of the strawberries. Pour in coconut milk (or other nut milk, if you have one you prefer more). Drizzle in honey.
  4. Blend until smooth. Check consistency, and add a couple more chamomile ice cubes if you want a thicker smoothie. Note: You can also put the smoothie in the freezer for a few minutes to thicken it.
  5. Pour into a glass or a mason jar and serve. Note: Can be kept in an airtight jar in the fridge for up to two days.

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