All in Spring

Pineapple & Pesto Caprese Pizza

The summer solstice, the fact that we have four flourishing basil plants right now, and the recent beautiful weather have gotten me in a rather summery state of mind. And what's more summery than caprese? Pineapple, that's what. So I figured, let's slap the two together, pop them on a pesto pizza, and call it a day. Or night. Or 8:00AM. I'm not going to judge your pizza-eating habits.

Pepper Jack Chicken Parmigiana

A delicious breadcrumb crusted chicken covered in pepper jack cheese and set on a bed of al dente pasta with tomato sauce. So if you need something filling, flavorful, and comfort-food-chic with a tad of sexy spice, I introduce my bud Pepper Jack Chicken Parmigiana.

'Sup, Jack. Welcome to The Sagas.

Strawberry Honey Chamomile Smoothie

The Strawberry Honey Chamomile Smoothie is calming, fresh, and pleasantly sweet. It's mellow in flavor, as the chamomile transforms the strawberries from in-your-face flavor to gently-and-politely-tugging-on-your-sleeve flavor. The presence of strawberries turns the smoothie a pretty pastel pink, perfect for springtime sipping. And the chamomile ice lends that naturally soothing, relaxing element that only chamomile can provide.

Bruise Berry Pie

Bruise Berry Pie is a recipe (and name) of my own concoction, made specifically to share here on The Sagas for Pie Day 2017. It's a spiced blackberry and blueberry pie, and black and blue is how you describe a bruise (i.e. "beaten black-and-blue"). So naturally, bruise berry pie came to be how I referred to my pie (for transparency purposes: no berries were harmed in the making of this pie. I cannot guarantee the same about the eating of it). 

Three "P" Pesto Pasta

A pasta that's green, full of peas, and oh-so springy. I call it Three "P" Pesto Pasta, although I suppose with the "pesto" and "pasta" included, it's technically five P's. But the three P's that I'm focusing on are: Peppers, Peas, and Pine Nuts. AKA, some of my favorite things in the world. And, they're combined with pesto and pasta, two of my other favorite things in the world. Side note: I'm starting to feel a little like Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music with all this "these are a few of my favorite things" going on!