All in Summer

Pineapple & Pesto Caprese Pizza

The summer solstice, the fact that we have four flourishing basil plants right now, and the recent beautiful weather have gotten me in a rather summery state of mind. And what's more summery than caprese? Pineapple, that's what. So I figured, let's slap the two together, pop them on a pesto pizza, and call it a day. Or night. Or 8:00AM. I'm not going to judge your pizza-eating habits.

Bruise Berry Pie

Bruise Berry Pie is a recipe (and name) of my own concoction, made specifically to share here on The Sagas for Pie Day 2017. It's a spiced blackberry and blueberry pie, and black and blue is how you describe a bruise (i.e. "beaten black-and-blue"). So naturally, bruise berry pie came to be how I referred to my pie (for transparency purposes: no berries were harmed in the making of this pie. I cannot guarantee the same about the eating of it).